What is Geolocation? 

Geolocation refers to any type of technology that can identify a geographic location. The most prominent technology used is Global Positioning System or GPS in short, which is a satellite-based radio navigation system consisting of approximately thirty satellites orbiting the Earth. Originally it was developed for military navigation but nowadays anyone with a GPS device can receive radio signals that these satellites broadcast. However, since the inception of GPS, further navigation systems have been developed, such as Galileo (European) and Beidou (Chinese).

The tracking technology used in PillSure utilises all 3 aforementioned satellite based navigation systems for a faster geolocation fix and reduced power consumption.

How does Smart Pillsure Pocket Work?

Smart Pillsure Pocket is connected to the Internet  via NB-IoT and eSIM. In addition, it uses GNSS satellite technology for local connections.

The exceptional Pillsure Pocket connects to the mobile phone using the Pillsure APP. This ensures security and safety globally. Hence, the Pillsure technology will maintain relationships and communication with the people that you love and support.