Pillsure Pocket was designed to address a number of issues currently linked with dispensation of medication. Mains areas that are addressed are:

Providing Security

There are very few people that are familiar with NB-IoT Technology. It is assumed that the public understands smart meters for your home. However, apart from mobile phone GSM operators, there is very little expertise in this emerging technology.

The NB-IoT (Narrowband – Internet of Things) technology uses LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) connection. It is ideally suited for the Pillsure devices as they use short bursts of traffic communication. Furthermore, it is cheaper compared to the normally expensive broadband network costs associated with standard mobile phones.

The Pillsure Pocket has been developed and tested in the UK by Pillsure Ltd. We have recently undergone further successful test trials last month with Vodafone UK at their Open Laboratory in Newbury, Berkshire. The product has enormous potential worldwide. Pillsure can cater for any frequency band applicable to any country or global area plus the appropriate SIM for that area.

The product has enormous potential worldwide. Pillsure can cater frequency bands (B1/B3/B8/B5/B20/B28). applicable to countries worldwide, with our appropriate eSIM chip embedded for that area.

Providing Support

The NB-IoT (Narrowband – Internet of Things) technology uses LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) connection. It is ideally suited for the Pillsure devices as they use short bursts of traffic communication. Furthermore, it is cheaper compared to the normally expensive broadband network costs associated with standard mobile phones.

We believe that it is essential that individuals who:

  • Have difficulties taking medication
  • Are forgetful or become confused
  • Over or under dose
  • Have physical difficulties such as poor vision or dexterity issues

are protected to take their medication so that they continue to be Independent, Integrated and have a choice of where they want to live and prevent hospital admissions.

Indeed, research has highlighted that improved self-management of medication improved:

  • Quality of life
  • Independence and longevity at home
  • Independence from health and social care agencies

The Pillsure Team believe that the typical conditions that Pillsure can aid, are those that have dementia, mental health diagnosis, diabetes, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, HIV and those that have had a stroke. 

This is confirmed in “The Automated Pill Dispenser Report” case study.

The Report stated that individuals could face significant consequences if they did not take their medication. The paper confirmed that the NHS spent almost £9 billion on medicines and issued 927 million prescriptions. It also found that approximately £100 million of unused drugs were destroyed.

“In 2006-07 the cost of hospital admission in the UK resulting from patients not taking their prescribed medicine properly was estimated to be between £36m and £197m”

There are numerous studies that have shown that the use of prescribed medication is extremely variable.  The range is noticeable in adults, 40% to 60% and children between 25% to 75%. In addition, 50% of people take their medicines inadequately.

A pilot study that, involved General Practitioners prescribing the pill dispenser, or social workers determining suitability of the dispenser was funded by the NHS Innovation Fund and Improvement and Efficiency West Midlands. They dispensed 500 across 7 pilot sites in the West Midlands for six months. However, about 50% of the study did not take part because: 

  • The device looked too technical
  • The alarm sound was off putting
  • The product took control and they wanted to retain control of their medication
  • Significant others believed it was their responsibility
  • They did not want to take it our socially 
  • They did not want to lose the interaction with the support giver
  • It was not suitable due to the amount of medication

Providing Safety

Kit Dillon (2019) in partnership with “The Sweethome” researched 22 pill dispensers. They chose the GMS Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser because it was the simplest programmable pill dispenser available, it was easy to load and simple to program, it had 28 trays with six possible schedules and it was also lockable

In comparison, Pillsure is outstanding because:

  • It uses LPWA NB-IoT connection, not GMS – therefore it is more secure and cost effective
  • It has GPS connection to ensure the customer’s safety and location
  • It is connected to the GP or significant other for a proactive response
  • It is easy to load
  • It is easy to programme
  • Dispensing is safe, secure and simple
  • Remote interaction with the device is 24 hours per day
  • It has the capacity in doses per day and volume per dose
  • It has simple and loud alerts
  • It is tamper proof and has connectivity
  • It has a cheaper monthly subscription and application cost
  • It is cheaper and far more advanced than its nearest rival

Providing Savings

The local case study highlights that there is a requirement for a pill dispenser like Pillsure. The small study saved Social Services and the Health Service hundreds of thousands of pounds whilst enabling and supporting the customer. This was one of 418 principle councils in the United Kingdom supplying medication support to just 53 people.

Imagine the positive outcomes for those vulnerable and fragile individuals and the cost savings and Return on Investment to the Local Authorities, Social Services and Health Service if Pillsure products were supplied nationwide. It could reduce hospital admissions that cost an estimated £36m and £197m by those not taking their medication properly”.

Pillsure could save lives globally. According to a survey carried out by patient’s safety authority of India, 74% of total death count in the hospital is caused due to overdose or under dosage of the medicines. In addition, studies suggest that between 30% to 50% of adults in the United States of America are non-adherent to long-term medication. Pillsure could prevent the non-adherence and save an estimated $100 Billion preventable costs annually.

The Pillsure device range are advanced products that make other pill dispensers insignificant. There are a couple of plastic dispensers, programmed by a mobile phone or with an Application. However, they use the GSM broadband frequency which has severe limitations. These liabilities include no or poor reception in limited reception areas, underground or in buildings with thick walls. We could regard these products as “gadgets”. For example, the nearest competitor is the Pivotell Advance GSM Automatic Pill Dispenser. This is a stay-at-home plastic dispenser which retails at £240 with an annual charge over £30 and with monthly connections charges of £8.40.

The Pillsure Pocket is a serious healthcare device, that conforms as a medical device to CE and ISO and all international certifications. It directly addresses the enormous costs of negating the personal attendance of healthcare professionals and the costs related to Medication Non-Adherence & Pharmaceutical waste which currently exceeds £500 million per year in the UK.